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Helping Drivers Fight Speeding Tickets is Our Specialty

Speeding tickets are by far some of the most common tickets issued in California every year, and here at TicketKick, we can't wait to get our hands on them!

You may be wondering how we could possibly help drivers beat speeding tickets. "What if I really was speeding?" you might be asking. Remember, you're innocent until proven guilty, so don't go admitting guilt just yet. There's loopholes in every case, and we've seen just about every speeding ticket scenario get dismissed with our defenses. It's up to the officer to prove your guilt, and we sure put a lot of work on the officer to do that. We'll help you save money, keep a clean driving record, and avoid having to go into court. Why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose in trying since we offer an money back guarantee, which means if you're found guilty, we'll give you a refund minus anything reduced by the court. We don't win if you don't win! 

Get started now by filling out the form above. If you think of any other questions while you're filling out the form, you can always email questions@ticketkick.com.