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Here at TicketKick®, we encourage people to let us know how we are doing!  Below you will find real testimonials of satisfied TicketKick® customers that are emailed to us regularly.

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Thanks Ticketkick.com!  I just received the court's decision that my speeding ticket was dismissed. I will never pay the government machine again.


Just want to tell you what a satisfied customer I am… I was cited for speeding, 50 on a 35.  I read about your services online and at first, I am not going to lie, was very skeptical, however decided to give it a try.  Soon , I received an email with paperwork and very easy to follow instructions, signed the paperwork, sent It to the court and 4 weeks later my ticket was dismissed and my bail money will be refunded soon.  I cannot thank you enough TicketKick, if I get another ticket (I hope not)  I will sure come back to kick it.  I will be recommending you to my friends and family.

Thank you,
Annie C.


“I was a little skeptical but with the full refund if it doesn’t work really caught my eye. I love ticket kick and their easy process to help their customers out. Very useful and recommendable! Using TicketKick was in every way beneficial to me. It was simple to use, the customer service was great, and most importantly, I got my ticket waived! TicketKick did its best job to make sure their customers were satisfied, and it was a quick, painless process. Oh, and the money back guarantee is always a plus to know you’re in good hands no matter what! Thank you TK”

-Shaun H.


“What a load off one’s mind to have the assistance of TicketKick. It’s a great service and one that is very much needed I’m glad they were there when I needed this kind of help.”

Deanne J.


“Thank you for beating a bull-crap speeding ticket for me. This was the first time I’ve tried to beat a ticket because it was totally bogus, and you were successful. Your people were very professional and everything worked as advertised. Not only would I use your service again, but I’ve recommended it to many others. Thank you again”

Mike W.


“Your defense was excellent, I am sure that is what won this case. I would recommend your service to anyone in need. Thanks again for the help, your company is well worth the price.”



“I was skeptical about using the service. Even though I lost my case which I thought I would anyways it was still worth trying TicketKick. I was fully refunded with no issues at all. If I need to do this again I’ll definitely be back.”

Justin S.


“Honestly I loved every single thing about my experience using TicketKick. When I first called I got an extremely friendly and helpful person on the phone. She answered every question I had in detail and made sure I understood the entire process. The instructions provided were very thorough and easy to follow. I was absolutely blown away by the complexity and detail of the letter that was written, I knew my chances were good, and sure enough, I won! I have already informed many people about TicketKick and I plan on telling many more. I can tell that the staff really enjoys helping people and that makes a big difference. I love the team and am so happy that I used them. So worth the money it’s not even funny. Did I get everything I paid for and then some? Absolutely! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

Scott P.


“There is no way to go wrong with TicketKick, with the money back guarantee….but winning your case and beating your ticket is a HUGE bonus!!!! Great service, I shopped around and I am familiar with the legal process…..very happy I decided on TicketKick !”

Loni D.


“Yep it is true I was cited for speeding by the CHP 56 in a 40 mph zone by radar, I haven’t had a ticket in over 35 years. I was very frustrated and looked to the internet for help and found ticketkick.com. The minute I contacted Michael help was on it’s way. I was very skeptical at first but with a money back guarantee I thought there was noting to lose but my $346.00 and points on my record. Having a commercial license no traffic school allowed. I received my documents and mailed them with my bail. After 4 weeks I got my not guilty and ticket was dismissed and my bail will be coming back soon.

Thanks to Michael and ticketkick.com for a very awesome job. Please stop looking I have found the perfect people for the job right here.”

Harvey B.



“Great job from beginning to end with everyone I was in contact at the office…You save me from having to pay the court, traffic school, extra points on my driving record…Again, thanks a million.”

Rafael C.


“Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo found me not guilty because of excellent written defense provided by Ticketkick”

Diane P.


“I had a $529 ticket for doing 70 in a 45 mph zone and TicketKick helped me to fight it, and I won! Very pleasant and simple process. I will definitely use them again if I need to.”

Kasey B.


I was very glad to find a company that could help me with this ticket because I wanted to object but did not know how to start. This is a wonderful service for California drivers. This was such a shock because I am a careful driver. I was so despondent when I got this ticket but having help to fight it gave me confidence & peace of mind to see the process through.”

Deanne J.


There is a need to provide the public with a sound defense against erroneous enforcement of the CVC. Enforcement is needed to maintain safety, and some cases the fines are justified, just not in every case. This is the first time I have used this type of service, but it seems timely, well run and well documented. I would refer my friends to this service if the have a traffic citation they feel is not deserved or that was wrongfully issued. This services provide a well documented defense and do not require the client to appear personally, which is very helpful since a person appearance would require a degree of confidence few people posses.

Daniel A.


“I’m definitely a believer in Ticketkick’s service and result. I wasn’t sure what to expect but hoped for the best. Just received my NOT Guilty verdict from the court! It really works, saved me a ton of time and any additional headaches. Would use them again and recommend to all my friends.”

Danny K.


TicketKick inspired me with their non-scary approach to beating a Red-Light ticket that I was accused guilty of. I am so glad that I searched and found this resource, as long as I followed their instructions they were easy to use, and I was freed of the mean-ol’ red-light-camera-monster. Thanks TicketKick, If i get another ticket I’ll come back to kick it again!

Pavle R.


Thanks for your great customer service and excellently prepared defense. Though there were a few months of nervously awaiting the court’s decision, I finally received my decision: case dismissed for lack of prosecution. I am no longer afraid of traffic cop bullies that expect me to just roll over and pay a fine when they accuse me of something with no evidence. I got my bail money back, and after subtracting TicketKick’s reasonable fees I was saved from $180 in fines. Thanks again, and I will definitely use your services again for any future traffic citations.

Daniel C.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for handling my case!! I received a “not guilty” verdict to my case and am getting my money back. This ticket was in regards to not stopping completely at a stop sign. You made the work SO EASY for me and am ecstatic that a point will not be added to my record. THANK YOU!!! Gina, Central Coast, CA


NOT GUILTY! Thank you guys so much! I had a lot more riding on this decision than just the $490 fine, having a commercial license with a perfect record, and being unemployed. I am so relieved! Your customer service was above and beyond expectations; from my asking a lot of questions regarding my options and the legal process, to the way you incorporated the two additional angles of defense I emailed you after recieving the draft. I was very impressed with the thorough and personalized written declaration, and greatful that it worked! You guys are the only company that I know of that offers a money back guarantee if it didn’t get dismissed and for me that was the the biggest reason to choose you guys over the others. You guys are writting to win, not just writting to collect half of the initial fee like the other companies offering this service. Im greatful I was referred to you guys by a very nice and informative attorney who’s site came up during my initial Google seach and I called asking questions and he referred me to TicketKick. I have never referred to an attorney as an angle, but in this case, he was! =) and I wish I remembered his name so I could give him his due credit. Everyone that gets a red-light camera ticket should use this service and hopefully camera tickets won’t be around much longer. Thank you guys again!

Kirk B.


All I can say is You Guys Rock! You took that ticket, wrote a professional and comprehensive defense and got that ticket throw out! You guys clearly know what you are doing. Highly recommended!

Harvey G.


I just got mail from the court today that I won my appeal thanks to you! My bail of $480 will be refunded. Thank you so much! I’m going to email all my family/friends and give them your website in case they get a ticket.

Melanie R.


“I want to say THANK YOU so much…. I was worried it was going to cost me not only money in court but also on my insurance. I have never used a service like this and being that I live in Nevada and was only visiting California I thought for sure it was ” you pay!” as was the case with the CHP that stopped me, he would not even give me a break of 1 mile an hour, he stated you are a visitor and you need to learn you can go to court if you want? Really? so I thought maybe the judge would do the same…so instead of wasting time I gave Ticket Kick a shot and bot am I glad I did! Not only was it fast but I was very happy with the agent, I had everything I needed the next day and I took the forms Signed and sent off my money order to the postal service. Well after only 40 days I recieved a judgement in my favor and a check for the full amount of my bail, which was double of what I paid to Traffic Kick! Now I not only have a clean record but no insurance rate increases and NO TRAFFIC SCHOOL! Thank you so much and If I ever need your services again I will not hesitate to contact Traffic Kick and believe me I am telling everyone I beat my traffic ticket.”

-Scott M.


“The people at Ticket Kick were beyond excellent in getting my case dismissed. Sara Schoonover, the vice president, helped me with every question I had throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Ticket Kick’s services to anyone I knew who had gotten a ticket.”

-Calvin S.


“I have the best experience with your customer services. Friendly, helpful. The price is good reasonable & your company is professional, accuracy. You are the best in the world.”

L. Nguyen


“You are the only one I will ever use. :)

Arthur R.


“After receiving my speeding ticket in December 2011, I had heard of TicketKick and began investigating the company’s validity. I was very skeptical of the service they were promising to provide but I was able to justify the expense on the hopes that I would be able to have my ticket exonerated and that they were going to provide the service they promised on their website. The TicketKick team provided all the required information I needed in order to mail in the Trial By Written Declaration. They continued to follow up with me on the progress. The documentation I received was very lengthy and appeared quite convincing. After waiting for a month, the court came back with an exoneration in my favor and returned my initial speeding ticket bail money. I can see how it may not work for everyone and every circumstance my be different but I believe in the TicketKick team and their ability to provide the service they promise on their site. Thanks!!”

Scott K.


“Excellent and thorough service, very clear instructions, and fast.”

Steven R.


Got my ticket dismissed, no points, no record! I definitely recommend Ticketkick to my friends!”

Paul W.


“I have to admit that at first I was more than skeptical about the whole thing… but with the money back guarantee I felt like there was really nothing to lose. Ticketkick saved me money, plain and simple! Instead of losing $479.00, and having a blemish on my driving record, Ticketkick saved me $280.00 ($479.00 minus $199.00) and their defense got my red light ticket dropped completely. I will most definitely recommend Ticketkick to everyone I know. Thanks again.”

Jonathan V.


“I was nervous at first but TicketKick did win my case, saved me a point on my record, and 480 dollars…”

Adrian S.


“I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service I received from Ticketkick. I appreciated the extremely quick response and notifications by phone and e-mail from your employees. I received a speeding ticket for going 60MPH in a 40MPH zone. I had already attended traffic school less than a year before that for a different moving violation, so I didn’t want to go to court to request a special 12-hour secondary offender traffic school because if I had attended traffic school again, it would show up on my driving record that I attended secondary offender traffic school and the insurance company would know that I must have gotten 2 tickets within an 18 month period. So, I planned on writing my own trial by written declaration until I saw an advertisement for Ticketkick online. Wow, am I glad I clicked on it because I received a letter back from the court yesterday and thanks to you, my ticket was dismissed. I was a bit skeptical at first. I read all of the testimonials before deciding to go through with it, but I am so thankful that I did. I also decided to try it because I figured I had nothing to lose thanks to your money back guarantee. When I got the defense arguments and customized written declaration by e-mail a couple of weeks later from Ticketkick, I was more than impressed with how thorough it was. You have no idea how impressed I was when I was reading through it. I would have never imagined to include the things in my written defense that you put in there. It was so thorough and contained such strong arguments that I couldn’t help but feel confident that it was going to get dismissed even before I mailed it off to the court. I have never been this impressed with any online service like this before. Thank you for restoring the faith I have in online companies. This was the best $179 I have ever spent. Thank you, thank you!”

Paihan L.


“I will most definitely use TicketKick again, (only if needed) and recommend them to all of my truck driving friends.”

Alan H.


“You need to advertise your service more but I will definitely spread the good word. You should do more to inform the public of your much needed and valuable service. I only found you by accident while attempting to view the video of my violation due to a typing error. It was my lucky day. I was reluctant to contact you thinking that this is too good to be true and that you must be a scam to get money from the innocent public. After reading your website and checking you out on Yelp, I decided to give you a try. Am I glad I did. Your service is everything you claimed to be which is rare in these times. These right turn red light violations are more money makers than a public safety issue and I am glad you are there to help victims like myself. I can’t thank you enough and will spread the word about you to every one who experiences similar circumstances. You are worth every penny of what you charge for your service.”

Terence C.


“Was so pleased when I found out that the court found me “Not Guilty” thanks to TicketKick’s defense. It was a real time saver and well worth your fee for not having to go to the courthouse, wait for a trial and go through the hassle of defending myself. I’ve already recommended your services to several of my friends. Thanks, TicketKick!”

D. Linehan


“You guys are very professional and easy to work with. Thank you for the personal service and helping me to kick my ticket! Most people don’t know about their right to a Trial by Written Declaration. I’m telling all my friends and family about your service. You are super professional and made it easy to kick my ticket. It gives me great satisfaction to win my case. Thank you!”

Matthew H.


“Love, Love, Love you guys. I can’t thank your company enough for your assistance in getting my ticket dismissed! Woo-Hoo!!! I was skeptical at first but not now – it really can work! I was very impressed with the extensive and professional evidence and documentation that was sent to me. I am sure that it made the difference. It could not have been any easier to follow your directions. Thanks Again! Super Happy!!!!”

Jennifer B.


“You guys ROCK!!!!!  I’m telling everyone I know about your service, so you will be getting several referrals from me in the future.  Thank you so much.”

Matthew H.(Speeding ticket & Cell phone ticket)


“I was not sure if ticket kick could work , But now with a not guilty verdict i am a believer. saved me $350 and time in court. worth every penny. ticket kick personnel was a pleasure to do business.”

Dustin O.


“Thank you very much for all the effort you put into my case.  Even though my case wasn’t dismissed and I was found guilty, I was pleased on how well everyone from ticket kick was very friendly and helpful. I have sent you a customer and will continue sending you customers because of how well you treated me.”

-Phaymanou S. (Speeding ticket)


“I would like to express my hearty thanks to all TicketKick folks. When I’ve first time read the defensive document I said:”If I were a judge, I immedieately dismiss the case”. Please continue help people in arguable situations when the expensive fee, insurance increase, and three years DMV record are too much for one violation.”

David L.

San Fransisco, CA (Red light ticket)


“Because of your help – I won the case!! I got a letter back from the court saying ‘not guilty’ and that my $480 coming back to me. My experience with you was smooth, easy and effective – thanks so much!”


Oceanside, CA (Red light camera ticket)


“I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank You! My ticket was dismissed, I could not have done it without Ticket Kick. With your help I saved about $600.00 which was the fine plus an increase in insurance cost. I would definitely recommend Ticket Kick to anyone who needs to dispute a traffic ticket. They were very professional, curious and did exactly what they said they would do.”

Best Regards,


Lemon Cove, CA


“I received a “not guilty” decision 4 weeks after submitting my defense and the refund of my bail check came in 3 weeks later. Thank you for your stellar services . . . I couldn’t have won this without your help!”

Elizabeth W.

Oakland, CA (Speeding ticket)


“The service that you offer is greatly needed and appreciated, high level of professionalism in all areas. I am so glad I found you, you will be saving me a large sum of money on the ticket as well as my insurance premiums for the next two years. Thanks again.”


Speeding ticket in Pasadena, CA


“I am very impressed with the depth of the provided defense I submitted via TicketKick. My case was dismissed in “The interest of justice being served”. Outstanding! I’m telling all who will hear me of the outstanding service TicketKick provides. Will use again (hopefully not needed) in the future. Thank you for your assistance!”


Red Light Camera in Riverside, CA


“I will definitely recommend to all my friend. The service is well worth the try. Corey from ticket kick guided me step by step with detailed explanation of what to expect. Money back guarantee and excellent customer service assure me that I’ve chosen a right company. I’ve just got the dismissal notice today. I did have my doubt in the beginning, but result shows that TICKET KICK works. You cannot go wrong with money back guarantee followed by indepth defense on your behalf.”

Jerry C. (Speeding ticket)


“I was very happy with the service and especially that my ticket got dismissed! Thanks again!”

Yana K. (Red light camera ticket in Milbray, CA)


“I was accused, by a traffic camera, of scurting through a left turn light after it turned red. I contacted TicketKick right away, paid their fair fee, and they started to help right away. I received a defense from them within the time they stated and it was easy and simple to complete. I mailed it per their instructions and here it is six weeks later and the judge found me “not guilty” of any offense. In fact my bail check came in a couple of days and I’m headed to the bank. I can not express my appreciation enough for TicketKick. Their defense was very thorough. Enough to convince the judge that I was innocent of the charges. I would recommend this service to my grandmother if she needed it. Thank you TicketKick.”

Ron H. (Red light camera ticket in Highland, CA)


“WOW, you guys did a great job. You helped me craft my side of the story, telling the story honestly and concisely. You also provided me additional data that I would have never known to include in my written declaration. I was so happy when I learned my case was dismissed. Thanks for the help!”

Lew J.
Irvine, CA


“After mailing in the paperwork and waiting, I received my “Not Guilty” letter from the court September 28th,2011. Thank you.”

Patrick S. (Red light camera ticket in Gardena, CA)


“I can’t tell you how happy I am about the outcome of my case. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!!”

Karen B. (Red light camera ticket in Santa Clarita, CA)


“I found Ticketkick by searching for someway to fight my speeding ticket. For some reason your web site grabbed me and once I read about your program and the money back deal, I thought I’d go for it. You did what you said you were going to do in a professional way. When I did have to contact Ticketkick, you and your personel were very helpful and friendly. Best of all my ticket was dismissed, keep up the good work”

Ronald A. (Speeding ticket traveling southbound on 5)


“I was found not guilty. Thank you so much. The document that was prepared for my defense was very professional and complete. I have just become a paralegal, so was familiar with the terminology. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the outcome. Your work in my defense was worth every penny. It’s rare that I find something anything in this life that is worth the money. Keep up the good work. I am so happy I made the call.”

Connaught C.  (Red light camera ticket in San Diego, CA)

9/13/11- (One of our favorites!!! Thanks Jonathan!)

“To prospective users, I am a real customer and TicketKick is the real deal, no paid gimmicks. Ticketkick performed at the highest level in all customer satisfation categories. I received a ticket from a city in Northern Cal for running a red light. They had a video of me in the vehicle running the light. A photo of my face, vehicle, and license plate of my vehicle. I saw no defense and thought they had me dead to rights. Ticketkick presented other evidence and saved me the $560.00 for the ticket plus untold $ for insurance rate increases. Ticketkick is what you hope for and expect out of all companies you deal with. Honesty, integrity and they do exactly what they say, period. You have nothing to loose and everythingto gain. USE TICKETKICK!”

Jonathan S. -Red light Camera ticket in San Mateo


“Living in the California bay area is expensive enough without local traffic enforcement employing an Arizona-based camera company to collect more revenue, rather than to focus on increasing driver safety. I thank the Ticket Kick defense team for providing me with expert advice. They answered all my questions and gave me great service even before I sent them a check for my defense. That level of service won me over since I felt they really believed in their service and cared about me as a client. Danielle and Corey were my excellent points of contact and I can’t thank them enough other than to express my sincere gratitude in this testimonial.”

Al – San Mateo


“I was pleased with the service and happy that you were able to kick my ticket. I was worried about traffic school and other fees. Thanks to you, I don’t have to worry. Thanks a million!”

Laura E. (Speeding ticket in Bell Gardens)


“I am thrilled that TicketKick helped me to get out of my red light photo ticket. They are the BEST!”

-Isadore U. (Red light camera ticket in Poway, CA)


“Thanks for getting my ticket dismissed. Frankly, I never really believed it would work, but you guys proved me wrong.”

-Kin W. (Speeding ticket in Barstow, CA on the way to Vegas)


“I would use TicketKick in the future if I had to but let us hope I don’t need too. Yes I would be happy to recommend TicketKick to any of my friends or relatives that may need help in this area. Until I receive the decision back from the court, I really don’t know how good my defense is. However, after reading the defense documents I have to admit they sound excellant to me but will these defense documents convince the court to dismiss my case? I sure hope so.”

-Adele M. (Red light camera ticket in Citrus Heights, CA)


“I had a red light ticket and you could barely make out the face in the photo. TicketKick came up with an excellent FOUR PLANK legal defense in my case. Yeah it was tough to spend $475 and then pay TicketKick on top of that, but it was ABSOLUTELY worth it. I won my case and the ticket was dismissed. Now I can look forward to getting my $475 back from the court! Most of all I appreciated my Account Executive. He was frank in his assessment of my case and he stated the facts regarding TicketKick’s win percentage. He quoted me a 70% chance of winning the case, which let me understand there was a decent chance we might NOT win, and still be hopeful of victory. I made the decision to choose TicketKick with my eyes wide open about our chances, because they were HONEST with us.”

Patrick S.


“I was skeptical it would work based on trying to fight against the “system” but in the end it did! I was amazed and very grateful!”

Gary L. in Santa Monica, CA


“I was a bit skeptical when I decided to try TicketKick but the person I spoke to was helpful and encouraging so I went for it. It seemed like a good risk and the loss compared to the ticket cost would be minimal. I am happy to say that my ticket of over $400 was dismissed, no points, no traffic school. I highly recommend this service and I am a for real person! Thanks TicketKick!”

Steve S.
Hayward, CA


‎”Thanks for the defense papers. The Court dismissed my case and is sending the money back to me. You guys will for sure be on my recommendation list for anyone that needs a defense for a ticket. Thanks again. Gary M., Your happy client.”

Gary M.
Garden Grove, CA


“My ticket was dismissed!! Your service rocks. Thank you Very Much”

Yvonne B.
Encinitas, CA


“Another Christmas present…NOT GUILTY! Thanks much for your guidance and super-easy defense package! Happy to be a reference if you need one!”

Lynn E.
San Jose, CA


“Yea just got the good news that my ticket has been dismissed. Merry Xmas to me! Thanks again for all of your help.”

Stephanie B.
Northridge, CA


“Today I received the Decision and Notice of Decision from the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, Hayward Hall of Justice; dated November 9, 2010; informing me that the court dismissed my case and has instructed the clerk to refund me the bail amount of $466.00.  Your professional experience in writing my declaration in a timely manner made this successful experience.  The detailed written declaration covered quite a few points that I frankly wonder how the court was going to address. Well now I know who to come to and/or when referring others in resolving a traffic citation.  Thanks for your help and support.”

Maurice D.
Sacramento, CA


“Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my ticket. I just recieved a letter stating that all counts have been dismissed. Yeah I took a chance with using your services and it payed off. I will be passing on your business to others and I surely hope I won’t need to use you in the future.”

Brian M.
Santa Ana, CA


“TicketKick R.O.C.K.S.  I am absolutely ecstatic that my $500 red light camera ticket was dismissed.  TicketKick saved me hundreds of dollars and the headache involved in fighting a traffic ticket.  I’ll be coming back to you guys!”

Simon S.
Los Gatos, CA


“Hey TicketKick team, I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the great service. As a result of your work, I was able to get a NOT GUILTY verdict.  I followed your simple process and just received notice that I was found not guilty in Lamont Superior Court. What a relief! I was certainly speeding…94 in a 70…and admitted as much to the officer. However, your team found a way through a technicality on the use of Lidar that forced them to find me innocent.  Thank you so much for the assist.”

Alan S.
Laguna Beach, Ca


“I just wanted to say a word of “thanks”. I just got a decision from the court that my case has been dismissed.  Thanks much for all our help. You are certainly awesome!”

Narayanan K.
Oakland, CA


“I’ve just received my ticket dismissed by the court with no record and will receive my bail amount refund. At first, I was optimistic about your service, now it is proven and for real. I would definitely recommend your services to my friends and family. Thanks again.”

Roger T.
San Francisco, CA


“I just want to let you know I won my case, trial by declaration against the city of Los Alamitos.  Got back all of my bail which was 484.00. Thanks again and I’ll tell any of my friends about your service…”

Mark B.
Downey, CA


“Wanted to update you and let you know my case was dismissed!   Great job everybody, and thank you so much for providing this service.  I would’ve never guessed you could beat a photo enforced ticket.”

James S.
Los Angeles, CA


“Hi Everyone! I just want to say thanks for you guys for taking care of my case regarding the red light ticket.
I received the check refunding the payment of the ticket today!

Thank You very much!”

Veronica E.
San Diego, CA


“TicketKick is great!!  I guess the best way to describe them are with one word – WOW!!!  My radar ticket was dismissed with the first effort.  I thought due to the lousy circumstances surrounding this citation that I did not have a chance.  Low and behold I am a happy customer.”

Steve D.
San Juan Capistrano, CA


“Just a note to let you know that your services are much appreciated and I’ll be recommending your company to friends, employees an others who find themselves on the receiving end of a traffic ticket.  Thanks for you super responsive and effective services.”

Bill B.
Orange County, CA


“I got a cell phone violation ticket that got raised to $825 dollars and Greg at ticketkick.com seriously helped lower my fine to a much more practical amount. Beyond saving me money, he really helped relieve some stress in my life and educate me on how our justice system works. He did this out of pure kindness and I really appreciate his help.  Thank you ticketkick.com.”

Santa Monica, CA


“Whenever I need to fight a ticket, I go to TicketKick. TicketKick helps me beat my ticket, and they guarantee it. I’ve now had three, yes three, tickets dismissed because I used the service of TicketKick. Thanks guys!”

Amanda H.
Huntington Beach, CA


“After I received my 2nd speeding ticket in 18 months, I thought that I would for sure receive a point on my license. After utilizing this service, I was found not guilty and I got a full refund from the court. TickettKick.com provided great customer service and beat my ticket, which is why I would highly recommend his service to anyone who receives a traffic ticket.”

Mike A.
San Diego, CA


“Thank you for your quick and speedy response. Time is everything to me and your services were on time, making my end stress-less. I appreciate your professionalism and respect to my personal information, and look forward to getting more tickets in my new M3.”

Chase S.
Santa Monica, CA


“When I got pulled over, I thought I would have be out $315. But thanks to you guys I don’t have to pay a cent to the courts.”

Jason F.
San Francisco, CA


“My mother has used your services in the past, and although she lost her case, I decided to give you a call. Our cases were very different so I thought I might have a shot at wining. Apparently I did, and we won! Thank you very much. My friends will be hearing about your services.”

Jay L.
Chico, CA


“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make my case a personal one. I really liked the fact that I received a phone call to discuss the conditions in which I received my ticket. Your representative’s professionalism was unparalleled.”

Ryan A.
El Cajon, CA


“I got pulled over at speeds the officer thought were “too fast for conditions”. This seemed like a fightable ticket but I didn’t want to hire a lawyer. Your website provided me the opportunity to fight my ticket. I’m glad someone knows how the system works well enough to help me. Thanks again staff.”

Mary S.
Redlands, CA


“Thank you TicketKick.com! Your staff was very helpful when I contacted you and helped me get my ticket fighting process started promptly. I was very pleased with the service I received and after putting my faith in your hands I was found not guilty. Thank you!”

Kylie B.
Sacramento, CA


Nancy beat her ticket with TicketKick!

“When I received my citation for speeding last Fall, I was very concerned of what this was going to mean for my insurance not to mention that it would be on my record. I knew I had to do something, especially since I honestly felt that I was not going the speed that the officer recorded. A few days later, I got online and came across TicketKick.com. Gave them a call, and the rest was a piece of cake!    They were always so willing and patient with me and all of my questions, either by phone or via email.  I received my citation in Northern CA and live in Southern CA, so fighting my ticket through TicketKick.com was not only painless….it was very convenient! Best Christmas present ever! Thank you TicketKick.com!!!!!!”

Nancy K.
Orange County, CA


“To all of you drivers out there that have been given a treat from the CHP, before you do anything else contact TicketKick. I was cited for 90 on the 15 and it was dismissed. They know the right terminology for your defense. Contact them first.”

Betty F.
Carlsbad, CA


“Hey hey hey! HOLY $^%t…. It worked! I got dismissed B A B Y! Sweet. So here’s the deal… I am big on activism for the people…and I despise these red light/camera ticket machines.. so I plan to do some activism at the courts to all the people in line or out front on their way in…. I will be there to tell them in person how it works… and I am willing to show them my paperwork… because I want them to FIGHT! Good thing is, I am loyal… and your written defense helped me! ”

Kevin H.
Oceanside, CA


“TicketKick is the greatest!!! For weeks I stewed over how I was going to try to fight my speeding ticket on my own. After doing lots of research I finally decided to take a chance and have a company fight it for me. I noticed there were lots of different websites offering to fight my ticket. After speaking to several companies, I just had a gut feeling after talking to TicketKick that this company would do the best for me and to my delight I was exactly right. Everyone that I spoke to at TicketKick was very informative and very willing to spend time with me on the phone to explain the process and that put my mind at ease.

The bottom line is that my ticket was dismissed, it didn’t go on my record and my insurance rate did not soar.  I highly recommend TicketKick to everyone.”

Marilyn F.
Los Angeles, CA


Patricia fought her stop sign ticket with TicketKick and won!

“OMG. I cannot believe I just got my court paperwork back and I was found not guilty. I knew that I came to a complete stop, but I was still cited for rolling through a stop sign. TicketKick helped me fight my ticket and WIN!!! $250 coming back from the courts now, and no boring traffic school to take. Thank you TicketKick, I’ll tell all my friends about your amazing service!”

Patricia B.
Sacramento, CA

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