So, You Got a Traffic Ticket?
TicketKick can help you fight it.

We all know the rules of the road.

No passing over double yellow lines. No driving solo in the carpool lane. Always wear a seatbelt. The list goes on and on.

We've internalized and mastered them as second nature. We obey them without a second thought... right up until we find ourselves in a situation where they no longer make sense.

Emergency vehicle cruising down the opposite side of the street with no traffic in its way? Who could blame you for not pulling over?

Driver in front of you decide to stop in the middle of the street to look up new directions? Of course you'll pass him - even on a double yellow.

Going approximately zero MPH in gridlock? Who wouldn't remove their seatbelt for a little more comfort?

But that's not the way the officer saw it. He wouldn't listen to reason, and now you're at home with a big fat ticket burning a hole in your pocket.

That's where TicketKick comes in.

TicketKick can help you contest your ticket using a process called Trial by Written Declaration.

This process requires no in-court appearance on your part, and you don't even have to hire a lawyer. That means no worrying about taking time off of work just to have your side of the story heard.

If you get your ticket dismissed, no points are added to your driving record, and the court will refund your bail payment in full. In fact, if you don't get your ticket dismissed or reduced, we offer a refund of our service fee (subject to our terms and conditions)!

Give us a try and we'll help you "kick" your ticket to the curb.

In fact, we've completed THOUSANDS of Trial by Written Declarations (all types of violations)

  • Driving a commercial truck or towing in wrong lane (Vehicle Code 22348c)
  • Driving solo in carpool lane (Vehicle Code 21655.5)
  • Passing over double yellow lines (Vehicle Code 21650)
  • Tailgating (Vehicle Code 21703)
  • Failed to yield to an emergency vehicle (Vehicle Code 21806)
  • Unsafe lane change (Vehicle Code 21658)
  • Seatbelt (Vehicle Code 27315)
  • and the list goes on.


Fill out this form and click the "Fight My Ticket" button below.

How do we do it?


Our system allows you to answer a series of questions related to your traffic ticket. Then our algorithms match your answers to our questions to the proper defenses that relate to your specific circumstances. You are then provided access to download and review all your defense documents and make changes if needed. We then provide you with instructions on exactly how to send your Trial by Written Declaration documents to the court to fight your traffic ticket.

It may seem complicated, but when you’ve helped driver's contest thousands of traffic tickets (and counting), using a Trial by Written Declaration, you get a pretty good idea about how to develop a system to do this effectively and successfully.

What happens when a ticket is dismissed after using a Trial by Written Declaration?

  1. No points will be added to your driving record
  2. The court will refund your bail payment in full
  3. You never had to step foot in the courtroom

What happens if a ticket isn't dismissed after using a Trial by Written Declaration?

  1. The court process puts you right back where you started.
  2. If your ticket is not dismissed you can request traffic school, if you are eligible, or request a new trial (second chance to contest it)
  3. Ticketkick.com even offers a service fee refund just in case your ticket is not dismissed (subject to terms and conditions)