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Red Light Camera Ticket Dismissals skyrocket in part to local company.

Friday, Oct 29th, 2010
San Diego based "TicketKick" shows drivers how to fight their red light camera tickets and win. San Diego, CA October 28th, 2010: Thousands of drivers across the state are stuck with the hefty fines and insurance hikes associated with Red Light Camera Tickets everyday. Most drivers will simply pay the fine, believing that the photographs are enough to convict them, and that they do not stand a chance at fighting and winning. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. A large number of intersections and cities that issue the tickets have problems with the cameras or illegal clauses in the contracts that leave the courts with no choice but to dismiss red light camera cases that are contested. Moreover, recent published case precedent has held that much of the evidence used in a red light camera case is inadmissible. Despite this, most drivers don't know where to begin, and become overwhelmed with the research and work involved in fighting a ticket. A San Diego based company known as TicketKick (www.ticketkick.com) helps California drivers fight their own tickets and win with unprecedented results. TicketKick identifies the problems, technicalities, and relevant case precedent for each red light camera case, and uses that information to develop defenses and documents that the customer submits to the court. TicketKick states that about three-quarters of their customers get their red light cases dismissed, without even having to go to court. Greg Muender, founder and President of TicketKick, says the key to his company lies within the Trial By Written Declaration. "For one reason or another, the majority of drivers don't realize that you do not have to go into court to fight a traffic ticket," Greg says. The trial by written declaration is a legal process in California where drivers submit written testimony, and then a judge reviews the case. Mr. Muender says that the tricky part is knowing exactly what to write. "Most judges can be convinced that the citation should be dismissed, we just have to come up with a rock-solid defense for them to review." Perhaps due to California's budget deficit, the state seems to be issuing tickets at an alarming rate and increasing the fines associated with them. An average red light ticket fine in California can be over $500. (Source: HighwayRobbery.net) To add insult to injury, insurance companies can raise rates by as much as $1,000 per year because of the point associated with a ticket. Many California drivers who are cited think that it just isn't fair. "$500 because some camera claims that I didn't stop before turning right?" said one driver. "The courthouse might as well just reach into my pocket and take my money." Although the camera systems were originally designed to catch drivers trying to beat the light, in some jurisdictions 90% of citations are issued to those with "rolling right turns." (Source: TheNewspaper.com) More and more drivers feel that the camera systems violate their rights, but they haven't known how to defend themselves. "Just as in many other scenarios, sometimes you just need professional help," Mr. Muender said. "Most drivers think that they have great defenses, but in reality they just won't hold up in court." TicketKick is growing at an alarming rate, expanding by 900% from 2009 to 2010. Mr. Muender says that TicketKick fills a void that exists for people that want to contest their traffic tickets. "Thanks in part to the internet, we now live in a hybrid world of do-it-yourselfers that are able to get the professional help they need," Greg said. "Most drivers think they only have two options if they want to fight a traffic ticket; hire an expensive lawyer, or take on the case themselves. With TicketKick, we provide professional help at a fraction of the cost of an attorney, and we guarantee our defense cost. If we don't help our customers win their cases, then why should we keep their money?" Although TicketKick specializes in red light camera tickets, they can provide service for nearly any moving violation, such as speeding, stop sign, carpool, cell phone, U Turn, and others.