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TicketKick® Sales Triple Thanks to HARO

Tuesday, Oct 25th, 2011

TicketKick, a legal service helping drivers beat traffic tickets, attributes a triple in sales to an article mention on Yahoo Finance and CNN Money, thanks to Help A Reporter Out (HARO), a free PR and social media service.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2011
California legal company, TicketKick, specializing in helping drivers beat traffic tickets, was recently featured in an article on CNN Money and Yahoo Finance, driving web traffic to TicketKick's website up 3,000%, and tripling sales. The article by Andrea Williams, "From Unemployment to Startup," featured the success story of TicketKick's founder and president, Greg Muender, and how receiving three traffic tickets in college inspired him to launch the successful ticket-fighting legal service and help thousands of drivers save money on ticket fines and insurance rates. According to the article published on CNN and Yahoo, "The company boasts a 70% success rate and is on track to break $1,000,000 in sales in 2011." TicketKick attributes the recent spike in sales to the article being published thanks to Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a free service which links journalists and other media representatives to experts in specific industries. The PR team at TicketKick had only been a HARO subscriber for a few months before being featured by the journalist who wrote the article that launched their company exponentially. Muender says HARO has forever changed the way his business will consider marketing strategies from here out. "A friend of mine mentioned HARO one day over lunch, so I checked it out. It was free, so I signed up immediately, and right away I saw the potential benefits after getting emails every day with lists of journalist's queries. We've responded to several topics and have been quoted in a few online articles here or there because of it, but we hit the jackpot when we were featured on CNN Money and Yahoo Finance. We've literally been unable to keep up with the amount of leads we're getting from it." HARO, founded by serial entrepreneur, Peter Shankman, and recently acquired by Vocus, has become TicketKick's favorite marketing tool. "This is marketing for 2011 and beyond," Muender proclaims. "Some studies say that over 16 million traffic tickets are given out in California every year, and the only reason we're not helping each of those people fight their ticket is simply because they don't know we exist yet. It's all about getting the word out. We are totally shocked and amazed what one article on the internet can do for your company, and it's all thanks to HARO." About TicketKick TicketKick is a registered Legal Document Assistant in California, providing self help services to beat traffic tickets, with a similar service model to companies such as LegalZoom and E*Trade. TicketKick works with attorneys in California in developing their defenses, which utilize many different arguments and tactics. TicketKick's goal is to help people get their traffic tickets dismissed, maintaining about a 70% success rate, and offers a refund and a free consultation for guilty verdicts. TicketKick representatives can be reached at (800) 580-1902, at ticketkick.com, or at questions(at)ticketkick(dot)com. ###

TicketKick Featured on Mo.com

Friday, Sep 09th, 2011
September 9th, 2011- Thank you to Mo.com, for featuring an interview with Greg Muender, President & Founder of TicketKick.
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UPDATE: It's A Contest - Help Us Pick Our Next Product!

Friday, Sep 09th, 2011
UPDATE: Contest is closed! Thank you for participating! Have you had time to take a look at the site Etsy.com? Fabulous things to buy and fun things to take a look at when you have time! We had some time, so we took some hours to look around and came up with the following products we thought were great and car related! Then we thought a step further, what if we SOLD the product that the public liked on our site? We thought that was the best idea yet! We want you to vote for one of your favorite products below! How to vote for our next product:
  • Twitter mention with the HashTag #TicketKickVote = 2 points (must have hashtag to count!)
  • Blog comment below with product number = 1 point
  • Write your OWN blog post on your blog and give us the link in the comments below = 10 points! (whoa!)
  • Ready for the contestants?????? EquinoxPhoto has some great classic car photos! We thought those were pretty slick, so we added them to the list: [caption id="attachment_102622" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #1 for EquinoxPhoto!"]vintage car photos, vintage car, vintage car art[/caption] Dust Design Company makes these cute necklaces with car model names! [caption id="attachment_102628" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #2 for DustDesign Co."]car necklace, grand prix ladies necklace, car name necklace[/caption] Eye Candy Designs (perfect name for this item!) creates these car gauge wall decals! [caption id="attachment_102636" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #3 for Eye Candy Designs!"]car gauge wall decals, garage art, wall decals, car guage wall decals[/caption] Steven Shaver Designs creates car parts you can wear, literally! Check out the cuff links: [caption id="attachment_103080" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote for #4 Steven Shaver Designs"]ford cuff links, car part cuff links, car cuff links, unique cuff links[/caption] Embroidery Bits and Pieces designed a cute idea for those rough car seatbelts - seat belt covers that you can personalize: [caption id="attachment_102696" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Vote #5 Embroidery bits and pieces"]seat belt cover, cute seat belt cover, [/caption] TecoArt figured out a way we'll always be looking at our cars .. the circuit board clock: [caption id="attachment_102702" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #6 for TecoArt"]Circuit board clock, mercedes benz circuit board clock[/caption] Mesquite1 has designed a great looking mechanic's pen - check out the details: [caption id="attachment_102712" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #7 for Mesquite1"]custom pen, handmade pens, wood pen, antler pens[/caption] Stress the seams came up with a great upcycle idea to those old license plates ... key chains!: [caption id="attachment_102719" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #8 for Stress the Seams!"]license plate key chain, unique car key chain[/caption] HeyHotStems came up with a great way to have your beer and drink it too! Check out the Beer car pilsner: [caption id="attachment_102729" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Vote #9 for HeyHotStems"]car beer pilsner, beer pilsner, car pilsner[/caption] CheriGueco created these coffee tumblers. Fits in your car cup holder too!: [caption id="attachment_102737" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #10 CheriGueco"]hot rod coffee cup, coffee cup with a car on it, [/caption] AmbersHand designs these fun Christmas Ornaments!: [caption id="attachment_102742" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #11 AmbersHand"]ford christmas ornament, car christmas ornament[/caption] The MailleCafe designs these car gear shift cuff links to sport!: [caption id="attachment_102747" align="aligncenter" width="295" caption="Vote #12 TheMailleCafe"]gear shift cuff links, gear cuff links, shift cuff links[/caption] MWallco carries these wall decals ... now you can have a Bugatti Veyron Sports Car on your wall: [caption id="attachment_102752" align="aligncenter" width="292" caption="Vote #13 for mWallco"]Bugatti Veyron Sports Car decal, sports car decal[/caption] 21CannonSalute creates these wallets out of seatbelts!: [caption id="attachment_102758" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #14 21CannonSalute"]seatbelt wallet, seat belt wallet[/caption] Coast2CoastDeals comes in at number 15 ... a car USB. Use your computer in style! [caption id="attachment_102938" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vote #15 for Coast2CoastDeals"]car USB, USB that looks like a car,[/caption] Let the voting begin!

    Social Media: The New PR

    Wednesday, Sep 07th, 2011

    How a Company Can Stay Caught Up With Social Media

    A couple hundred years ago, small family-owned businesses ruled the marketplace. As a society, we transitioned into large corporations growing as a result of advancing science and technology. Branding started to occur through traditional avenues of marketing. Since the dawn of .com, we've seen a transition back to the rise of small businesses with the internet opening up thousands of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. We now have more businesses, and more competition which can make it difficult for a small business to stand out among their rising level of competitors. Most recently, we're seeing a shift back to larger companies ruling over their more localized competitors in the same industry, or acquiring their smaller competitors and eating up the marketplace. Before, you used to go to a local boutique spa for a massage or a facial, now you have Massage Envy nationwide where you can find a whole staff of massage therapists and facialists where they can charge a lot less than their local competitors because they profit from a large, regular client base. Before, when you filed for divorce for got a traffic ticket, you'd call up your local attorney and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to represent you. Now you have self-help legal services like Legal Zoom to help you file for divorce, or TicketKick to help you fight a speeding ticket, charging a low cost to help you with your legal process, and many times, offering a money back guarantee. The internet is changing trends constantly. People are bombarded on a daily basis of advertisements, emails, blogs, twitter updates, Facebook posts, articles about the newest and the greatest, and their perceptions of trends can change in a split second if the read something about a product or a company, or a good or bad review. So how can a small business stay afloat when it can be hard to even get a word in, edgewise? Social media is the new public relations. It's a community, a society, and certainly, the biggest marketplace on the earth. Whether a business owner has the goal of staying small but successful, or becoming a billion dollar company, they have to stay right in the heat of their industry's topics, and not get left behind. Social media interactions are a great way to find out what's being said, what topics are trending related to your industry, and what people want, not to mention free advertising (without sounding like advertising). Where there is demand on the internet for information, there is opportunity for supply. But nowadays, it's harder for people to decide on where to get this "supply" with all their different options. That's where branding comes into play, and why it's so important to market yourself over your competitors. People are tired of getting marketing emails. People make their decisions on companies based on their own research and consumer reviews. They want today's opinions from unbiased feedback, which is why a lot of people read yelp reviews, or comments on a company's Facebook page. You can tap into this to figure out exactly what's being said and what these people are looking for. You can also take advantage of opportunities to show your expertise on a subject and get your name out there by posting comments on articles and blogs, from an expert point of view, without sounding like an advertisement. If you put your company at the level of the consumer, you engage with them, and that is what social media is all about. You begin to brand yourself by tying your name to hot topics and you improve your SEO while doing it. Whatever new transitions business will take over the next decade, you can be sure that internet engagement will not slow down, and the quicker information gets transmitted, the faster a company who wants to rise above the rest, must respond to it.
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    What We Have Learned in The Last Year

    Thursday, Aug 25th, 2011
    We launched TicketKick, as it is today, in July of 2010, and have continued to grow since then. Our customers pay us to help them prepare defenses for contesting their traffic citations. Over the last year, we have had countless mistakes. However, we've learned from them, and have better our company because of them. When starting a business, it's so easy for an owner to want to deliver the most to his or her prospective customers. Businesses spread themselves too thin in their infancy stage, and can't deliver on their promises. The most commonly encountered problem that we've seen in our company and other start-ups is that they do not under-promise and over-deliver. On the contrary, emerging companies tend to do the opposite. With our service, about 70% of our customers successfully beat their tickets. Not everyone can win, simple math shows that about 30% of our customers do not beat their cases. When we first started, we wanted to sell our product, so we conveyed incredible confidence. We'd say things like "In the rare event that your case is found guilty.." or "We are so confident that we can get your case dismissed..." Although this worked for signing people up, it backfired. When the inevitable 30% were found guilty of their cases, they were upset. We had built up our service so much, only to let them down. Customers were rightfully perturbed, and we couldn't count on them ever coming back to us, or telling friends and family. Today, we do the opposite. We are very transparent to the customer from the get-go. We go out of our way to make it apparent that although there is a great chance to beat the ticket, there is a chance that they will lose, too. To our surprise, this strategy has worked in our favor in two ways. 1)The customer sees an honest company, so they utilize our services. In this industry, ultimately our success rate lies in the hands of the judges. The same holds true with any competitor. Any company can claim, "We'll get the job done, we never fail!" A more trustworthy company says, "We are going to tell you the facts, and give you the information to make your own, calculated decision." Eliminating other variables, our sales have gone up 20% after implementing this new mantra. 2)Win or lose, we still have a satisfied customer. When we started, we branded ourselves as the company to use to beat your ticket. Now, we brand ourselves as the company to use to try to beat your ticket. Although the difference appears minimal on the surface, it has had huge implications that reverberate throughout the company. Customers that lose their tickets still send us friends and family as referrals, or even come back to us with another ticket. One recent customer commented on our Facebook page, "Thank you guys. I would use you again in a heart beat. You made this process so easy! I am seriously shocked it wasn't dismissed." She lost her case, yet was so impressed by our service, that she plans to come back if she needs to. Although we would have loved to see her beat her case, it's a job well done in our books when we have such a positive response from our customers. 365 days ago we made promises that we couldn't always deliver on. We built up our dismissal so much, that customers expected a dismissal. When they won, they weren't shocked, and when they lost, they were angry. Now, we set up the customer with the right mindset, so that when the customer loses a case, they still feel validated, but we do get the case dismissed, the customer is positively surprised!
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    Red Light Camera Tickets Generate Millions

    Thursday, Jul 21st, 2011
    Red light camera tickets are a pain for all drivers (but we can help if you get a ticket), however, they are boon to not only the government entities that collect the fines but to the private companies that operate the cameras as well. The amount of money that is generated by red light camera tickets is eye popping as the Houston Chronicle reports that the city of Houston has received more than $50 million in civil fines since the cameras began operation in 2006. While at first this may appear to be a good thing as the city now has more money to provide services, it is money that is coming out of the pocket of everyday people. MSNBC reports that the average fine in Los Angeles - where the city's police commission recently voted to end its red light camera ticket program - is $446. In addition, the agreements that these cities have with the companies that run the cameras, like American Traffic Solutions Inc., are worth millions of dollars. In fact, the city of Houston had a referendum where its citizens voted to end its red light camera program this past November. However, the city's contract with American Traffic Solutions required Houston to either turn the cameras back on (and ignore the will of the people) or pay $20 million in damages to the private company. "The City just went through a very painful budget process in which nearly 750 employees were laid off and park, library and health services were cut back," Houston Mayor Annise Parker said, reports KTRK, an ABC affiliate. "We simply don't have the millions they claim we would owe for violating the court decision and our contractual obligation to [American Traffic Solutions]. Therefore, I have decided the fiscally-prudent path to take is to turn the cameras back on while also seeking a second chance for the voters in the courts." American Traffic Solutions isn't the only private company raking in tens of thousands of dollars from city's across the U.S. The Ventura County Star reports that Redflex Traffic Systems collects $30,500 each month from the city of Oxnard. According to the Dayton Daily News, the city of Dayton, Ohio, has had difficulty trying to get its drivers to pay fines issued by red light cameras. Motorists reportedly owe $3.89 million in unpaid tickets over the past eight years.

    TicketKick® Announces Their Money Back Guarantee- Traffic Ticket Dismissed or TicketKick's Full Fee Back to Customer

    Thursday, Jul 14th, 2011

    TicketKick®, California's leading resource for traffic ticket defense, helps drivers beat traffic tickets now with a money back guarantee. If their customer's case is not completely dismissed, TicketKick® will issue a refund back to the customer. TicketKick® helps thousands of drivers save money on ticket fines, keep their driving records clean, and save time in court by preparing a comprehensive written defense that drivers can simply mail to the court to contest their traffic ticket.

    San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 13, 2011 California drivers know all too well the fines and hassle associated with receiving a traffic ticket. Until recently, drivers who were cited with a ticket were left with the option of trying to fight it on their own, hire an expensive attorney, or just pay their ticket. California based legal company, TicketKick® fills that niche market for people who would like the assistance of a qualified team of experts to help them fight their traffic ticket without paying the average attorney fees or having to risk the extra cost associated with hiring assistance. TicketKick® has helped thousands of drivers fight speeding, red-light, stop sign, and other common traffic tickets and has always offered a money back guarantee of their defense fee. Until now, like other similar services in the industry, they charged a non-refundable administrative fee to help cover their overhead costs. Greg Muender, TicketKick's Founder and President says, "Most people were OK paying the admin fee, but we got to thinking, 'Why should we keep any of their money if their case doesn't get dismissed?' so now we don't, and now our customers truly have nothing to lose using our service." TicketKick® is now proud to announce their new refund policy: a money back guarantee of their Flat Fee, making them leaders in the industry as being the most affordable traffic ticket defense experts offering an unbeatable level of customer service and expertise in traffic ticket defense. They've also made it easier for their customers to apply for a refund if their case is not dismissed. "We used to require our customers to mail us their refund request documents, but now we welcome a simple and easy fax or email with a copy of their notice of decision so we can start their refund process right away," Greg added. "The point with TicketKick® is to provide the most simple and easy process possible in helping people get their ticket dismissed. Other companies may have very strict or ridged terms and conditions but that just makes the process difficult for everyone. We make it simple and easy so our customers can beat their traffic tickets and move on with their life." TicketKick® is a registered Legal Document Assistant in California, providing self help services in traffic ticket defense, with a similar service model to companies such as LegalZoom and E*Trade. TicketKick® works with attorneys in California in developing their defenses, which utilize many different arguments and tactics. TicketKick's goal is to help people get their traffic tickets dismissed, and although not every customer will win their case, TicketKick® offers a refund and a free consultation for guilty verdicts. TicketKick® representatives can be reached at (800) 580-1902, at http://www.ticketkick.com, or at questions(at)ticketkick(dot)com. ###