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LAPD Won't Be Responding to Red Light Camera Cases in Court

Tuesday, Apr 03rd, 2012
In July of last year (2011), the city of Los Angeles announced that it was ending it's red light camera program, because it was losing money due to so many red light camera tickets going un-paid. This year, the contract between the city of LA and American Traffic Systems ended, so the LA Police Department will no longer have access to the photographic and videographic evidence in red light camera cases, so they've announced that they won't be showing up to any court cases that might get scheduled for previous court cases. With no officer present in these court cases, these red light camera cases disputed in court will undoubtedly be dismissed. The LA Superior court warns that any tickets that go unpaid or ignored will remain in their system and referred to collection agency. Unresolved tickets could show up in background checks and could present issues if the driver were to ever get another ticket. TicketKick says the best bet is for drivers to follow their local court's instructions on handling ticket matters, and to take care of any unresolved ticket cases. Note: This applies to red light camera tickets in the city of LA only. All other cities in the county of Los Angeles that operate a red light camera program are subject to their own court rules and regulations and are not affected by the city of LA's decision to end it's program.
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