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Elk Grove Gets New Red Light Camera

Wednesday, Mar 28th, 2012
Red light camera systems are on the rise in Elk Grove, California. Police say the system is designed to curb accidents and increase safety. The city of Elk Grove has added a new red light camera to their existing red light camera program- at the intersection of Elk Grove Florin Road and Bond Road, East of Highway 99. The camera is scheduled to begin working today (March 28, 2012), but by law, must only issue warning notices for the first 30 days of operation. Beginning April 27th, drivers who fail to stop completely at that intersection will receive a red light camera ticket in the mail with a fine of nearly $500.
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New Red Light Camera Bill Introduced

Monday, Mar 26th, 2012
Assemblyman Paul Cook, R-Yucca Valley, has sponsored a new bill that has been introduced in February. Assembly Bill 2128 would reduce the base fine of "rolling right turns" on red lights at red light camera intersections in California. This bill also includes a provision that adds one second to the state-established minimum time for yellow lights at all intersections with red light cameras. According to the assemblyman's website, increased yellow light times have been proven to decrease accident rates without increasing the number of tickets issued to motorists. Last year, Cook sponsored AB 1008, a red light camera bill that would have prohibited local governments from installing new red light camera systems, and would have required existing red light camera systems to undergo a thorough investigation to determine whether the red light camera resulted in a reduction in the number of traffic accidents. This bill failed in the Assembly Local Government Committee. AB 2128 is currently awaiting consideration in the Assembly Transportation Committee. It is scheduled to get a hearing on April 9. The base fine on a red light camera ticket for a rolling right hand turn is $100, although the full fine with court fees and other costs usually ends up being about $500 in most cities in California. Cook's bill would reduce the base fine for this violation from $100 to $35.
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Is There Ever a Right Time To Speed?

Tuesday, Mar 20th, 2012
Here at TicketKick, we've heard every story in the book as to why our customers were going the speed they were. Ironically, about 25% of the time, there are no excuses needed! That's because about 25% of our customers with speeding tickets come from certain speed limit zones that allow for drivers to potentially drive at a speed above the posted speed limit sign, as long as it was a speed that was safe and reasonable for conditions. As a disclaimer, we do not endorse unsafe driving, and we encourage all drivers to obey the posted speed limit signs. We're just pointing out that the law does allow room to consider other factors in certain situations. Weather, traffic, the type of vehicle driven, and various road hazards can all make up for certain conditions on the road. On the other hand, you may get pulled over even if you're driving under the posted speed limit, but driving at a speed that's unsafe for the conditions at the time, say, if it's wildly storming and the roads are very wet and slippery. Most of the time the posted speed limit sign should be a good indicator of the speed limit you should be traveling, but weather and road conditions should always be considered as well. As part of our Safe Driving Campaign, "Saving Lives, Saving Fines", we want to remind everyone to remember to drive safely at all times, to obey all traffic laws, to consider weather, traffic, and road conditions, and to be courteous to other drivers on the road. Happy traveling!

Red Light Camera Flash Went Off

Monday, Mar 19th, 2012

Should you prepare for a ticket to arrive?

Don't worry yourself too much if you saw the flash go off. There are many reasons why red light camera flashes go off:
  1. The camera is in test mode
  2. Another vehicle set it off
  3. Your vehicle set it off but no violation occurred or it couldn't clearly capture a photo of your face or license plate
Red light cameras are designed to capture photographs of drivers and vehicles who run red lights at left hand turn signals, at straight signals, or at right hand turns. There are sensors embedded in the ground that create an electromagnetic field. The sensors send signals to the cameras if they detect your vehicle approaching the intersection at a certain speed and predict that you're going to run the light. That's why the flashes will go off if you approach a red light camera intersection rapidly and slam on your breaks. If it did take your pictures, keep in mind that a police officer will review the photos to determine if a violation was committed. Some have said that about half of the pictures taken by red light cameras are thrown out because of unclear photos or lack of evidence. If the police officer determines that a violation was committed, they are supposed to issue the ticket within 15 days and will mail it to the address on the vehicle's registration. Check out our red light camera page if you get a red light camera ticket in the mail.
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