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Who Runs Red Lights And Why?

Who Runs Red Lights And Why? - this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets.  

A red light violation occurs when a motorist deliberately enters an intersection after the signal light has turned red. Motorists who are already in an intersection when the signal changes to red (while waiting to turn for example) aren't red light running.

All types of people run red lights. The most common reason (47 percent) is just impatience. Red light runners are most likely to be younger, less likely to use seat belts, more likely to have poor driving records, and have a tendency to drive older, smaller vehicles. They are also three times as likely to have multiple speeding convictions (source lomalinda-ca.gov).

Currently the cost of a red light ticket in California can range from about $200 to $500. The least costly red light tickets are those issued to pedestrians while the most costly are those issued to drivers who were going straight through an intersection or turning against an arrow.  - this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets.

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This blog was written to provide information related to traffic tickets in California, is based on opinion only, is not legal advice, and is for informational purposes only.

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Nov 19th, 2013