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What We Have Learned in The Last Year

We launched TicketKick, as it is today, in July of 2010, and have continued to grow since then. Our customers pay us to help them prepare defenses for contesting their traffic citations. Over the last year, we have had countless mistakes. However, we've learned from them, and have better our company because of them. When starting a business, it's so easy for an owner to want to deliver the most to his or her prospective customers. Businesses spread themselves too thin in their infancy stage, and can't deliver on their promises. The most commonly encountered problem that we've seen in our company and other start-ups is that they do not under-promise and over-deliver. On the contrary, emerging companies tend to do the opposite. With our service, about 70% of our customers successfully beat their tickets. Not everyone can win, simple math shows that about 30% of our customers do not beat their cases. When we first started, we wanted to sell our product, so we conveyed incredible confidence. We'd say things like "In the rare event that your case is found guilty.." or "We are so confident that we can get your case dismissed..." Although this worked for signing people up, it backfired. When the inevitable 30% were found guilty of their cases, they were upset. We had built up our service so much, only to let them down. Customers were rightfully perturbed, and we couldn't count on them ever coming back to us, or telling friends and family. Today, we do the opposite. We are very transparent to the customer from the get-go. We go out of our way to make it apparent that although there is a great chance to beat the ticket, there is a chance that they will lose, too. To our surprise, this strategy has worked in our favor in two ways. 1)The customer sees an honest company, so they utilize our services. In this industry, ultimately our success rate lies in the hands of the judges. The same holds true with any competitor. Any company can claim, "We'll get the job done, we never fail!" A more trustworthy company says, "We are going to tell you the facts, and give you the information to make your own, calculated decision." Eliminating other variables, our sales have gone up 20% after implementing this new mantra. 2)Win or lose, we still have a satisfied customer. When we started, we branded ourselves as the company to use to beat your ticket. Now, we brand ourselves as the company to use to try to beat your ticket. Although the difference appears minimal on the surface, it has had huge implications that reverberate throughout the company. Customers that lose their tickets still send us friends and family as referrals, or even come back to us with another ticket. One recent customer commented on our Facebook page, "Thank you guys. I would use you again in a heart beat. You made this process so easy! I am seriously shocked it wasn't dismissed." She lost her case, yet was so impressed by our service, that she plans to come back if she needs to. Although we would have loved to see her beat her case, it's a job well done in our books when we have such a positive response from our customers. 365 days ago we made promises that we couldn't always deliver on. We built up our dismissal so much, that customers expected a dismissal. When they won, they weren't shocked, and when they lost, they were angry. Now, we set up the customer with the right mindset, so that when the customer loses a case, they still feel validated, but we do get the case dismissed, the customer is positively surprised!
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Aug 25th, 2011