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Washington State Judge Rules Against Red Light Camera Company

American Traffic Solutions' (ATS) request to keep a red light camera initiative off the ballot in the city of Bellingham, Washington, has been denied by a Superior court judge, according to Herald Net. The lawsuit was filed after the city of Bellingham put the red light camera initiative on its ballot for the upcoming November elections. If passed, the initiative would end the use of the city's four red light cameras and two speed cameras that they signed a three-year agreement on, according to NWCN. ATS was denied a temporary request to keep it off the ballot, but will still have a hearing on August 17 to get an injunction that would keep the vote off the ballot. The judge ruled against them stating they have did not show they would suffer immediate and irreparable injury if it were passed, according to Herald Net. The Arizona based company believes it should not be allowed on the ballot because it would violate the contract Bellingham signed with them. According to NWCN, ATS has already lost a similar lawsuit in Multikeo and the voters overwhelmingly voted to get rid of the cameras.
Aug 05th, 2011