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Which Types of Driverís Licenses Are Valid in California

Which Types of Driver’s Licenses Are Valid in California - this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets.  

If you are visiting the State of California from out of country, you should know that the State of California does not recognize an “international driving permit” as a valid driver’s license.

Should you be stopped by an officer and only have an international driving permit and no other license then you can be cited for being an unlicensed driver. In the State of California operating a vehicle as an “unlicensed driver” can result in a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a more serious offense then an infraction, and often carries greater penalties than the traffic violation that got you pulled over in the first place.

Different from an international driving permit, California does recognize an international driver license as a valid license. California also recognizes driver licenses issued by other states, so long as you are not a resident of California. If you have become a resident of California then you will be required to have a California license and the non- California License will not be considered valid. A non- California license issued by another state is only valid if you are a resident of the issuing jurisdiction. - this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets 

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This blog was written to provide information related to traffic tickets in California, is based on opinion only, is not legal advice, and is for informational purposes only.

Nov 20th, 2012