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The True Cost of a Speeding Ticket

Although it varies from state to state, California is one of the most expensive states when it comes to speeding tickets. The average speeding ticket fine imposed by the court is anywhere from $200-$400, depending on the speed cited by the officer. Many times an officer will issue an additional violation on the same ticket, such as a 'no proof of insurance or registration' or 'following too closely' or 'crossing double yellow lines', which could raise this amount to well over $1000, and possibly more than 1 point. When you get a speeding ticket in California, generally you get a courtesy notice in the mail with the exact 'fine' or 'bail amount' listed. California law requires you to post this bail amount by your due date, regardless of whether you want to contest your ticket (you get this amount back if you fight it and it gets dismissed). So when you get a ticket, you better be prepared to have that full bail amount by your due date, regardless of what you intend to do with it. We say: fight it. Every ticket is worth fighting, even if you know you were speeding, there are loopholes in the law, and remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. It's our goal to help drivers get their case dismissed, that way they get their full bail amount back from the court, they don't have to attend traffic school, they don't get a point on their driving record which means no insurance increases, and no time wasted going into court. Our fee is a flat fee of $199 with a money back guarantee to fight a speeding ticket (much cheaper than the cost associated with pleading guilty to a speeding ticket). You can avoid speeding fines! On that note, if a driver chooses to plead guilty to their speeding ticket and attend traffic school to keep the point off their record, they would be looking at paying the full ticket fine (again, $200-$400), paying the court's traffic school fee (generally another $60), and then paying the traffic school (www.gototrafficschool.com offers an online course for around $20). On average, this cost usually amounts to about $350, over and done with, no point on your record to increase insurance rates, but LOTS of hours dealing with all of this. What if traffic school is not an option? California has very strict restrictions on who is eligible for traffic school. Only non-commercial drivers who have not previously attended traffic school within the last 18 months may attend traffic school, up to the discretion of the judge. Not all judges approve traffic school, even if the driver is eligible on paper. That being said, if traffic school is not an option and they choose to plead guilty, they would be looking at paying the full ticket fine (again, $200-400), and having 1 point placed on their driving record. Conservatively, it is estimated that you can expect to pay several hundred dollars more per year, for 3 years if you have a point on your record. If you receive a ticket for speeding over 100 MPH, you can expect to receive 2 points on your record for three years. Either way, that's thousands of dollars in insurance increases over three years. Most people would rather pay our low fee of $199 to have their speeding ticket dismissed, rather than paying the court fines, traffic school fees or insurance increases. We consider ourselves the experts when it comes to fighting speeding tickets. We handle about 500 tickets per month and we offer a money back guarantee, and maintain about a 70% dismissal rate. If their case is not dismissed, they're back at square 1 and have risked nothing in trying to get it dismissed. We do not endorse speeding, and we encourage everyone to obey laws and drive safely, but inevitable, everyone get speeding tickets, and everyone should be prepared to know what their best option is.
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Sep 07th, 2011