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Tips to Avoid Cell Phone Tickets

Tips to Avoid Cell Phone Tickets - this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets.  

Although the hands –free laws specify exactly what activity is prohibited, from the outside of a vehicle it is very easy for an officer to mistake some other activity involving your phone (like changing a song or scrolling through a phone directory) for illegal cell phone use while driving (like texting). The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) provides some basic tips, which may help prevent you from doing an activity that the officer could mistake for distracted driving:

  1. Pull over. If you need to make a call, pull over to a safe area first.
  2. Use your passengers. Ask a passenger to make the call for you.
  3. Prepare. Review maps and directions before you start to drive. If you need help when you are on the road, ask a passenger to help or pull over to a safe location to review the map/directions again.
  4. Know the law. Familiarize yourself with state and local laws before you get in the car. Some states and localities prohibit the use of hand held cell phones. GHSA offers a handy chart of state laws on its website: www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/laws/cellphone_laws.html.  - this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets 

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This blog was written to provide information related to traffic tickets in California, is based on opinion only, is not legal advice, and is for informational purposes only.

Feb 26th, 2013