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SB 29 on Red Light Cameras Makes Its Way Through the Senate

It's getting closer and closer. California Senate Bill 29 undergoes a cut-and-dice before it makes its way through the senate. Introduced back in December by Sen. Joe Simitian of Palo Alto and Huff (Coauthor Sen. Anderson), SB 29 would apparently aim to protect the rights of drivers in California who are cited by a red light camera. A most notable recent amendment to the bill nixed the requirement for an issuing agency to include a disclaimer on a "snitch ticket" which states that the registered owner of the vehicle is not required to give up any information on who the driver was, and that failing to do so would not result in any penalties or consequences. This inevitable means that a lot of people who get "snitch tickets" will still be tricked into turning themselves into the government when they didn't have to. Hmm, guess our government is still okay with tricking people. You can read more about snitch tickets here. [caption id="attachment_95878" align="aligncenter" width="455" caption="The best part of SB29, taken out. "]red light camera snitch ticket SB 29[/caption] According to the Bill, it would also require cities who use red light camera systems to establish policies and procedures to ensure that tickets are properly and appropriately issued, and that motorists can effectively challenge incorrectly administered tickets, and would include the requirement of identifying the system by signs posted within 200 feet of an intersection where a system is operating. SB 29 is currently being held pending in the Senate.
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Sep 01st, 2011