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San Bernardino Red Light Camera Agreement May Be Costly

"The provisions of the agreement allow the early termination of the contract with proper notice and each of the locations has a required payment of costs," the city council report said. According to the news source, the police station provided the city with an incorrect formula for calculating the costs of cancelling the service, which caused for the large difference in cancellation costs. City employees are now working together to get the correct figures. Many cities across the country have been working towards cancelling their red light camera service due to the cost of maintenance. For example, the town of Davie, Florida, is contemplating dropping its red light camera program before it starts issuing tickets, according to the Miami Herald. The program was initially appealing because of safety features, but the town eventually realized it would cost money to operate unless it issued about 1,000 tickets a month.
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Jul 29th, 2011