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Red Light Cameras in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Six new red light cameras are being installed at intersections in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, according to the Daily News Jounral. The news source reports that the new cameras are part of a contract the city signed with American Traffic Solutions, Inc (ATS). Under the contract, the company will update and maintain the traffic cameras in the city for the next five years. The updated systems were paid for by ATS and the intersections are now outfitted with ground sensors which are more accurate than the cameras alone, according to Murfreesboro Police spokesman Kyle Evans. Evans also told the media outlet that these changes will not affect how police issue citations. Many areas of the country are deciding whether or not to end use of their red-light camera systems. In Los Angeles, the city council recently voted unanimously to discontinue the program, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, the newspaper reports that many cities in Southern California have chosen to continue issuing red-light camera citations. The Murfreesboro Police Department issued 44,821 citations since the program began in 2008, according to the Daily News Journal. Evans stated his hope that the new updates will allow citations to be issued quicker, according to the news agency.
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Aug 01st, 2011