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Red light Camera Company Donated Thousands in 2010 Florida Elections

A red light camera company that operates some devices in Florida made substantial donations to politicians during the most recent election cycle Bloomberg reports that American Traffic Solutions Inc. donated $159,000 to state-level candidates and various committees during the 2010 elections, data from the Florida Elections Division revealed. The red light camera company wasn't just donating to one side of the aisle however, as the news source reports that American traffic gave $37,500 to Florida's Democratic Party and $64,500 to the Sunshine State's Republican Party. Charles Territo, a spokesman for the red light camera company, told the news provider that during the first six months of 2011, 19 cities have signed up, perhaps indicating that the thousands of dollars American Traffic spent on the election was money well spent. While we can help you contest red light camera tickets in California, citizens of Florida seem to be angry with the cameras as well. The cameras have been a source of tension for motorists around the country as the news source reports that 28 class-action lawsuits have been filed in Florida against municipalities connected with the cameras. Florida isn't the only state struggling with red light cameras as the Los Angeles Police Commission decided to let its agreement with its camera company expire. In Houston, voters last November decided to stop the use of the cameras.
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Jul 08th, 2011