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How One Couple Avoids a Speeding Ticket

How One Couple Avoids a Speeding Ticket- this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets.  

Police officers have heard just about every excuse to get out of a speeding ticket and you may wonder if any of them really work. One Iowa couple’s excuse for speeding in order to get to the hospital to deliver a baby worked on one officer and no speeding ticket was issued. See the story reported by CBS News:

 And baby makes four...that is, if you include the Iowa City police officer who pulled over a speeding SUV, and then helped the driver and his passenger deliver the kid.  When Officer Kevin Wolfe stopped the vehicle Sunday night, the driver jumped out and yelled, "Sir, we're delivering a baby right here, right now!" He assisted in the final stages of the delivery and wrapped the child in a blanket before escorting the family to a hospital. A police spokesperson said the officer didn't take down the names of the happy couple because he didn't ticket the driver. - this blog was written by TicketKick.com, Your Go-To Resource for Beating Traffic Tickets 

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This blog was written to provide information related to traffic tickets in California, is based on opinion only, is not legal advice, and is for informational purposes only.

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Mar 19th, 2013