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New Red Light Camera Bill Introduced

Assemblyman Paul Cook, R-Yucca Valley, has sponsored a new bill that has been introduced in February. Assembly Bill 2128 would reduce the base fine of "rolling right turns" on red lights at red light camera intersections in California. This bill also includes a provision that adds one second to the state-established minimum time for yellow lights at all intersections with red light cameras. According to the assemblyman's website, increased yellow light times have been proven to decrease accident rates without increasing the number of tickets issued to motorists. Last year, Cook sponsored AB 1008, a red light camera bill that would have prohibited local governments from installing new red light camera systems, and would have required existing red light camera systems to undergo a thorough investigation to determine whether the red light camera resulted in a reduction in the number of traffic accidents. This bill failed in the Assembly Local Government Committee. AB 2128 is currently awaiting consideration in the Assembly Transportation Committee. It is scheduled to get a hearing on April 9. The base fine on a red light camera ticket for a rolling right hand turn is $100, although the full fine with court fees and other costs usually ends up being about $500 in most cities in California. Cook's bill would reduce the base fine for this violation from $100 to $35.
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Mar 26th, 2012