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Los Angeles Police Commission Votes to Stop Use of Red Light Cameras

A number of cities across America - including Los Angeles - are challenging the use of red light cameras. The cameras, which issue red light tickets, are used in more than 500 cities and towns in half the states in America, according to MSNBC. However, Los Angeles - the nation's second-largest city - may discontinue the use of the cameras. The Los Angeles Times reports that the city's Police Commission voted unanimously to have the cameras removed from more than two dozen intersections across the city. Police officials were reportedly surprised by the vote and were going into the meeting ready to propose a new contract for the private Arizona company that runs the red light cameras. The news provider reports that a number of other cities in California, including Anaheim, have said that they would not install red light cameras. The typical ticket issued by the cameras costs Los Angeles motorists $446. According to MSNBC, critics of the cameras say they exist simply to create revenue for cities that have budget issues. In addition, others say that they overly penalize drivers for minor infractions.
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Jul 04th, 2011