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Long Beach's Red Light Cameras Have Been Off Since December

The Long Beach Press-Telegram recently reported that Long Beach, California's five red light cameras have been turned off since December. The city's contract with the company that operates the cameras - American Traffic Solutions Inc. - expired at the end of 2010 and city officials are currently considering whether the contract should be renewed. "We've been working with the Police Department and looking at accident statistics and other data related to red-light cameras," Erik Sund, the purchasing agent and business relations manager for Long Beach, told the news source. "It can be a sensitive issue to the public, so we're doing our homework." The city has had the cameras - which issue red light camera tickets - since 2001, according to the news provider. Last year, the Long Beach Police Department said that 5,122 tickets were issued for red light violations. A number of cities - including Anaheim and Houston - have voted to ban the red light cameras. In addition, the Los Angeles Police Commission recently voted to put an end to the controversial program.
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Jul 15th, 2011