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LA determines Red Light Cameras are just too expensive

From an article that originally appeared in The Huffington Post, red light cameras are being exposed in LA for the scam that they are. Steve Parker, a regular columnist for that online publication has seen the numbers and they just don't add up. Not surprisingly, accidents are not going down. Somewhat surprising is that the city is losing money on the program.
This scandal came to light several months ago, when that LAPD report showing no improvement in accident rates at many of the intersections was released to the public. Several local news reporters, print and electronic, went over the internal audit and found it appeared that not only were accident rates not declining at these intersections, but both the city and the public seemed to be paying for a service which was providing no benefit for them.
How can a city in a budget crunch as bad as LA run a program that is costing them money and time with no benefit to the public? It seems that the scamera vendors are really making out like the bandits they are.
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Nov 04th, 2010