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Is it illegal to drive with cruise control?

We launched TicketKick.com last July, and have continued to grow since then. Our customers pay us to help them prepare defenses for fighting their traffic citations. We have helped thousands of customers contest their traffic citations, and about 70%of those customers get their cases completely dismissed. Although we have helped thousands of customers contest their traffic citations, none have ever been cited for traveling with cruise control activated. Our research has shown that no specific law prohibits the use of cruise control. The California Highway Patrol does unofficially suggest avoiding the function when the road conditions are wet or icy. A typical cruise control system applies more throttle when the speed dips below the predetermined setting. In normal driving conditions, virtually any attentive driver can use cruise control safely. However, if a vehicle were to hit a deep puddle, for instance, the car would slow down and the system would apply more throttle to compensate. At that very moment, traction is already reduced because of the puddle, which causes the powered wheels to rotate faster than the actual speed, which can launch the car out of the driver's control. In a rear wheel drive car this is especially dangerous, since it can cause the car to spin around 180 degrees or more. Many newer cars with advanced vehicle dynamic control systems will disengage the cruise control when any sort of abnormal activity is detected. However, older cars may not have this feature. The CHP (California Highway Patrol) has documented instances of incidents involving cruise control and slippery road surfaces. -The TicketKick.com Team (800) 580-1902 www.ticketkick.com Facebook.com/TicketKick  
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Sep 30th, 2011