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Houston's Red Light Cameras Are On But No One is Watching

The city of Houston has been forced to turn its red light cameras back on, but so far no tickets have been issued. The Houston Chronicle reports that the police department has not staffed the room where the surveillance footage from the cameras is shown, meaning that there is no one there to catch traffic offenders. City Attorney David Feldman told the news source that eventually the footage would be reviewed. "The violations are being recorded, and they're being put in a (computer) queue, but HPD is still in the process of mobilizing the manpower to actually process the violations because every one of those has to be reviewed," he said. Feldman also noted that about 60 percent of the violations that are recorded ultimately result in tickets. The city has been embroiled in a legal controversy with the Arizona-based company that runs its red light camera program, American Traffic Solutions Inc. Houston turned the cameras off after a November 2010 referendum showed that a majority of voters did not like the red light camera ticket issuing devices. However, the city's contract with the company may have been violated by the move, resulting in the cameras being turned back on this month.
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Jul 18th, 2011