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Houston Voters Ban on Red Light Cameras Invalidated

Red-light camera use has been reinstated in Houston due to a decision from Federal Judge Lynn Hughes, according to ABC 13 News. Voters chose to end red-light camera citations in an election last year. However, the news source reports that Hughes invalidated this election and refused the city's request for appeal. A prominent reason for the renewed use of the cameras is the city's contract with the camera provider, American Traffic Solutions (ATS). The Houston Chronicle reports that the city could owe ATS up to $20 million in damages if they void the contract. Revenue has also been a consideration in turning the cameras back on. According to the newspaper, each year red-light camera citations are not permitted, the city's police department will lose an estimated $10 million in revenue. The news source also reports that the cameras have issued over $50 million worth of citations since 2006. Red-light camera use has never been supported by a public vote, according to The Newspaper.com. The media outlet reports that in Anahiem, California, 73 percent voters opposed the use of traffic cameras. This resulted in the city banning red-light cameras.
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Jul 11th, 2011