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Houston Issues Nearly 3,400 Red Light Tickets In Two Weeks

Almost 3,400 red light tickets have been issued in Houston, Texas, in the two weeks since the city turned the cameras back on, according to the Houston Chronicle. The citation program was shut down by voters in a citywide referendum, but was later reinstated by a federal judge, according to the news source. Spokeswoman for American Traffic Solutions (ATS), Cindy Clifford, reported that although the current number of citations is much lower than last year, the red light tickets issued this year have already added up to an estimated $335,000 in profit for the city, reports the news agency. Proponents of the cameras were buoyed by a recent report from the Texas Transportation Institute, which found that red light cameras reduced the number of crashes overall, according to the United Press International. However, many people have questioned the validity of this data due to inconsistencies in data from individual cities, reports the news source. Traffic activist Greg Mauz spoke out about camera program in Houston, citing numerous studies that indicate red-light cameras actually cause more injuries and fatalities, according to the Houston Chronicle. Mauz also discussed the city's monetary reasons for reinstating the camera program, telling the newspaper, "They made $50 million and who'd want to give up $50 million."
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Aug 12th, 2011