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Got a Traffic Ticket Nightmare Story? We want to hear it!

Over 16 million tickets are given out in California every year. Everyone seems to have a great traffic ticket nightmare story, and we want to hear them. We'll be compiling the top 10 stories into an article with the goal of bringing awareness of our legal system and help to educate the public of what their rights and options are. Can you help? Please include the following in your story. (The more elaborate, the better). 1) Did you feel your ticket was warranted? Why or why not? Did it affect your decision to contest it or not? 2) What did you end up doing about it? What was your experience with the court like? 3) Did you feel that the fine imposed by the court was justified by the violation? Do you think that California's traffic tickets are a revenue generation source, or designed to promote safe driving? Please note that by providing your name and website, we are assuming that we may quote you directly, unless you specifically request to remain anonymous. We will let you know if we decide to use your story in our article and we'll send you the link! Email your story submissions with contact information to: sara@ticketkick.com by Friday, November 18 2011.
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Nov 07th, 2011