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Florida Citizens Push Back Against Red Light Tickets & Cameras

A Florida lawyer is helping citizen fight red light tickets that are issued by cameras because he says they are unconstitutional. Daytona Beach attorney Aaron Delgado told the Daytona Beach News Journal that he has gotten a number of requests from people to help fight the red light tickets, which can cost up to $300 each. "I [helped them fight the tickets] for free because I thought the cameras were unconstitutional and I wanted to challenge the system," he told the news provider. Red light cameras have become a major issue in the Sunshine State in recent weeks as communities across Florida installed the cameras to catch alleged traffic violators. However, some, like Delgado, have been pushing back against the cameras, contending that they do not work correctly and they raise a number of constitutional concerns. Delgado says that he has gotten at least a dozen tickets rescinded, typically by calling the cameras' accuracy into question. Still opponents of the cameras likely have an uphill battle as a Broward County Judge Steven P. DeLuca recently ruled that the cameras were constitutional.
Aug 30th, 2011