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Is There Ever a Right Time To Speed?

Here at TicketKick, we've heard every story in the book as to why our customers were going the speed they were. Ironically, about 25% of the time, there are no excuses needed! That's because about 25% of our customers with speeding tickets come from certain speed limit zones that allow for drivers to potentially drive at a speed above the posted speed limit sign, as long as it was a speed that was safe and reasonable for conditions. As a disclaimer, we do not endorse unsafe driving, and we encourage all drivers to obey the posted speed limit signs. We're just pointing out that the law does allow room to consider other factors in certain situations. Weather, traffic, the type of vehicle driven, and various road hazards can all make up for certain conditions on the road. On the other hand, you may get pulled over even if you're driving under the posted speed limit, but driving at a speed that's unsafe for the conditions at the time, say, if it's wildly storming and the roads are very wet and slippery. Most of the time the posted speed limit sign should be a good indicator of the speed limit you should be traveling, but weather and road conditions should always be considered as well. As part of our Safe Driving Campaign, "Saving Lives, Saving Fines", we want to remind everyone to remember to drive safely at all times, to obey all traffic laws, to consider weather, traffic, and road conditions, and to be courteous to other drivers on the road. Happy traveling!