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Editorial Disputes Poll Claiming Red Light Cameras Are Popular

A recent editorial in the Washington Times disputed a recently released survey that claimed red light cameras were popular among citizens. The survey, conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), claimed that a majority of people in 14 major cities where the red light cameras are used support them. However, the Times' editorial page disputed the findings. In November of last year, the people of Houston voted to stop the use of the cameras but the IIHS claims that its polling showed that people in the Texas city favored the use of the devices, which result in red light camera tickets. "If a telephone poll of 300 people shows 57 percent support of a policy recently rejected by 53 percent of the 343,481 people who voted, that's conclusive proof that the poll's methodology is flawed," the Times said. The IIHS survey polled residents in five California cities - Bakersfield, Long Beach, Sacramento, San Diego and Santa Ana - and alleged support for the cameras ranged from 48 percent to 71 percent in those municipalities. According to the Times, the IIHS' "primary purpose" is to encourage more traffic tickets to be issued.
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Jul 01st, 2011