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Commission Suggests Making Red Light Cameras Legal in Pennsylvania

Red light cameras may become legal in Pennsylvania, according to The Tribune Democrat. A pilot program has been in effect in Philadelphia since 2005, and based on findings from this program, the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission recommended making the cameras legal throughout the state, reports the news source. The report from the commission also included a recommendation that would create $2.7 billion in revenue from the cameras over the next five years, according to the media outlet. Many opponents of red light cameras believe that the programs are about generating profit rather than increasing drivers' safety. Some U.S. cities have seen the potential for income offered by citation programs. In New Orleans, the city government found that revenue from red light cameras has increased by an estimated 419 percent since 2008, earning the city a projected $18 million this year, according to The Pelican Post. Gary Biller, executive director of the National Motorists Association, spoke out against the state-wide implementation of the red-light camera program. Biller told The Tribune Democrat that instead of using red light cameras, Pennsylvania officials should consider increasing the length of yellow lights, which has been shown to effectively decrease accidents.
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Aug 08th, 2011