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Celebrity Mishaps Behind The Wheel

America tends to put celebrities on a pedestal, praising and scrutinizing their every decision. However, a number of gossip magazines revel in pointing out that movie stars and the like also have to do mundane, everyday tasks like running to the corner store for a quart of milk or taking out the trash (They're just like us!). In addition to these chores, celebrities are like us in another way: They can get into trouble when behind the wheel. Kyle Busch Kyle Busch - the driver of the no. 18 car for Joe Gibbs Racing - makes a living out of going fast. However, just because he brings in millions for driving more than 200 mph in a circle, it doesn't give the 26-year-old free reign to do whatever he pleases when he's behind the wheel. Busch, who has 23 wins in NASCAR's premier Sprint Cup Series, found out the hard way that he is no exception to the rule when he was cited for speeding and reckless driving in May in North Carolina. The driver allegedly was driving in a 45 mph zone at 128 mph, a speed more appropriate for Bristol Motor Speedway than a public road. Adding to the humor is that as a result of pleading guilty to the speeding charge and no contest to the reckless driving one, Busch had his license suspended for 45 days, reports ESPN. However, don't cry for him as Busch will still be able to compete in NASCAR events, as licenses are surprisingly not mandatory for drivers. DMX NASCAR racers and rappers don't have a lot in common on the surface but DMX and Busch appear like they might. The artist, who's real name is Earl Simmons, was recently arrested in Mesa, Arizona, for speeding. DMX was allegedly going 102 mph in a 60 mph zone. However, ToneDeaf reports that DMX disagrees with the allegations, claiming he was traveling closer to 85 mph at the time of the incident. Justin Bieber The teen music sensation was recently in the news for a minor fender bender in Los Angeles. According to NewsCore, a Honda Civic hit Bieber's black Ferrari in the San Fernando valley. While the pop star's sweet ride may be dinged, fortunately no one was hurt in the accident. "No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle," the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.
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Sep 01st, 2011