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Bloomberg Supports Red Light Camera Use In NYC

In a recent press conference, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that he would like to see red light cameras used on every corner of the city. According to New York Channel 1, the ones already being used in the city brought in $50 million in revenue last year, improving from $35 million in 2009. Many people support the idea saying that it will be beneficial to the safety of the city's pedestrians. "The motorist in me, not a fan. The pedestrian in me, it definitely helps me out," said a New York City driver, to the news source. Meanwhile, many other cities across the country have been taking efforts to get rid of red light cameras because of all the controversy that seems to come with them. Los Angeles has recently announced that it will be shutting down use of all of its red light cameras after the city's police comission unanimously voted to get rid of them, according to ABC News. The city claimed to issue tickets for $500 but only had approximately a $150 return per ticket issued, according to the news source.
Aug 27th, 2011