About TicketKick

TicketKick® (www.ticketkick.com) is a revolutionary website, offering a comprehensive ticket-fighting service offered nowhere else on the web. By combining the resources of a corporate company with the passion of a smaller operation, TicketKick® is able to provide the best of both worlds to our customers. Our Mission Statement is simple:

“TicketKick’s mission is to empower drivers with knowledge and documentation to easily and effectively contest their traffic tickets.”    


Industry veterans, Auto Services Direct Inc., the parent company of TicketKick.com, has helped more people fight their tickets than any other company. Auto Services Direct Inc. was founded in 2004 by company CEO and President Steven F. Miller. Over the past years, Auto Services Direct Inc. has assembled a seasoned team of traffic ticket experts.

Here’s a little bit about how Ticketkick.com began:

It all started in 2006, when founder and former President Greg Muender received three traffic tickets within three weeks. Greg was determined that there had to be an easy and effective way to fight his tickets, and began doing some research. His extensive investigation led him to find that the trial by written declaration is the key to getting a traffic ticket dismissed. Using his completely legal approach, he was able to get two out of his three tickets dismissed. From there, Greg shared his knowledge and started to help friends and family fight their traffic tickets. Word spread quickly, and the conception of TicketKick® began to materialize in 2008. That same year, Greg launched his first website in order to help hundreds of people per month fight for their rights. Two years later, in early 2010, founder and former President Greg Muender and his TicketKick® staff collaborated with the Jacob Tyler Creative Group of San Diego and built www.ticketkick.com. TicketKick® became registered as a California Legal Document Assistant, with the counsel of a premier traffic law firm located in Los Angeles. TicketKick® has been set up to help tens of thousands of drivers fight and win their traffic cases every year.  TicketKick® employs the most helpful, knowledgeable, and creative team in the business. TicketKick® exists as it is today as a powerful online resource for fighting traffic tickets. With a new and improved user interface, easier to navigate layout, and more aesthetically pleasing look, TicketKick® helps over 550 customers each and every month obtain dismissals of their traffic tickets.

TicketKick® is the first company to bring a user-friendly approach to an industry predominantly not known for providing an easy to use process. At TicketKick®, we want to make sure our customer’s experience is as simple and straightforward as possible. With the TicketKick® Flat Fee™, customers can rest easy knowing that we are very transparent about our fees and have no surprises down the road.  So use TicketKick® today, and kick your ticket!