How It Works: Trial By Written Declaration

At TicketKick®, we love living in California. Beautiful beaches, warm, sunny weather, and… a pretty cool court system. Wait, what? Let us explain. When you get a traffic ticket here in California, you can actually fight it right from your own cozy home. You do not have to go into court to contest your ticket. It can all be done right through the mail. It’s called the trial by written declaration, and here at TicketKick, we help thousands of drivers fight their traffic tickets through this amazing process with excellent success.

How does the trial by written declaration work?

You mail in your statement to the court, the court requests a statement from the officer, reviews the case, and mails you the verdict. It’s pretty simple. But how are you going to write it, anyway? That’s where TicketKick will help you. We are the experts in the trial by written declaration. You provide us with your citation and the important details about your case, and we’ll provide you with the documents you need to contest your ticket in the Trial By Written Declaration process. Our team consists of traffic ticket experts seasoned in legal writing who can properly document your case details for you, and we’ve worked with attorneys in the state to help develop our proven processes. Then what? We email you a few pages to print out, sign, and mail to the courthouse. Then you simply wait on the court to make a decision. It’s our goal to help you get your case dismissed. That means- no points, no fines, no insurance increases, no traffic school, no waiting in line at the courthouse… all for a low price. We also offer a Service Fee Refund (subject to our Terms & Conditions) just in case your ticket is not dismissed through Trial by Written Declaration. Using our service, you’ll always come out on top. Curious what we charge? Click here to visit our prices page.

Need more convincing? Benefits of a trial by written declaration

We think it’s the best thing in traffic ticket defense. There are several benefits to fighting your ticket through a trial by written declaration vs. an in-court trial:

1. You don’t have to waste time standing in line, waiting in court, and presenting your case in front of the judge.

2. We have had excellent success with helping our clients fight their tickets this way. 

3. It’s a great place to start, because you can rest assured that if you don’t win your case, you would have the opportunity for a re-trial (trial de novo), or you can request traffic school.

Thinking about not fighting it and just taking traffic school? We say: give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. Fighting your ticket should not affect your eligibility for traffic school. If you lose, we offer a Service Fee Refund (subject to our Terms & Conditions) and you can still request traffic school. Back at square one. So why wouldn’t you try? We make it easy. And we’re really friendly. Plus, it gives you something really cool to talk about with your friends.

Sounds amazing! So, why doesn’t everybody do a trial by written declaration?

Most people just don’t know it exists. On the back of every ticket, you’ll find information for trial by written declaration, but most people simply don’t notice it (see image below). Not sure if your ticket is eligible for a trial by written declaration? Most basic traffic infractions are. Even red light camera tickets (those are our favorite, by the way!). Sounds too good to be true? At TicketKick, we’re the experts in fighting traffic tickets. Helping people is our passion, and we’re really good at it. We have a Servie Fee Refund (subject to our Terms & Conditions), so we don’t win unless you win. Why not give it a shot? If you need some more questions answered, please feel free to explore our website (we’ve got some great articles in our blog ). If you have questions that you can’t find the answers to on our website, you can always email

Instructions located on the back of your traffic ticket at the very bottom.